Accurate Computer Model For A Biogas Plant

Green Tyger Design have produced a 3d model of the landscape of a proposed anerobic digestate plant (Biogas Plant) and the surrounding area in order that the planning authorities could understand how the new recycling facility located on a large farm in Warwickshire would appear to any potential landscape receptors in the locality.

Green Tyger Design prepared an accurate 3d computer model of the proposals within a 2km radius of the surrounding area in Warwickshire. The model was developed using a digital terrain model tile as a base and combined with topographic surveys of the existing site and the proposed designs for the anaerobic digester tanks, processing facilities and the storage sheds. Once the 3d model is prepared, we then create a short flythrough and turn this into an anotated movie which helps both the client and the planning authority to visualise the propsed design..

The new tanks and sheds are to be contained within a large earth bund recyled from the excavations and planted with native trees and shrubs to blend in with the surrounding landscape and screen the proposed structures from the surrounding properties, roads and public footpaths.

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