Anaerobic Digestate Storage Tank

Green Tyger Design were commissioned to design the landscape for two 34m diameter storage tank vessels for the containment of recycled bio-digestate material in rural Warwickshire.

The large holding tank will be used to store anaerobic digestate products from the nearby Biogas plant which utilises waste organic products from agriculture to produce methane gas via anaerobic digestion fermentation.

Green Tyger designed the site, carefully locating the tank in the landscape and screening the tank with earth bunds and trees planting. A masterplan layout and sections were prepared along with a 3d realistic computer generated model to show how the tank would appear from a number of viewpoints within the surrounding areas.

 The proposals were granted planning consent in May 2016 and the digestate is being spread and drilled into the surrounding fields, helping to increase yields and completing the recycling of the crops which were used to produce the methane.



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