Clifton Cruisers Canal Extension

In 2017 Green Tyger Design were brought in to design the planting for an extension of the existing canal system at Clifton in Rugby. The canal had been disused for many years and was completely silted up before being dredged, reconstructed and filled with water and now acts as a mooring place for a number of barges.

The planting design replaced a number of native shrubs and trees which had been lost from the canal banks during the excavation works and added new hedgerows around the perimeter of the area to provide shelter for the moorings and visual screening from the surrounding houses.

A number of fruiting and berried trees and shrubs were chosen for their spring colour and autumnal bounty for wildlife.

The project which had previously been the subject of retrospective planning permission was finally passed with the fully detailed planting plans and we are looking forward to taking more photos once the plants are in the ground.


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