Newcastle Business Park

Steve Ritson worked for RPS Cloustons in Durham from 1988-90 and during this time as an assistant landscape architect, designed a number of areas on the Newcastle Business Park under direction from Lead Architect Mr Peter McGuckin.

From the old Armstrong Munitions factory, the Newcastle Business Park brought new life and jobs to the iconic banks of the River Tyne, including British Airways, Cellnet and the AA Headquarters.

Steve designed the layout of several areas within the new business park including the central core area, riverside village, BT and AA national headquarters and much of the Riverside Walk incorporating sculptures which had appeared at the Gateshead Garden Festival.

The Central Core Area contained offices and a restaurant and shops set back over the road from the river. 

Along the riverside promenade a series of seating areas were created, sheltered by planting and using sculptures as focal points.












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