Pond Renovation

This was an existing man-made pond in the grounds of a country estate in the Cotswolds which was leaking and in a poor state of repair with the liner exposed and the rest of the pond overgrown with reeds and algae. Following a topographic survey, the pond was redesigned using 3D computer modelling, with the aim to create a natural looking water feature which shall be a haven for wildlife.

The existing pond had been poorly constructed and the liner was exposed and leaking causing the low water level throughout the year and the pond was being choked by reed beds and algae which was neither attractive or an ideal habitat for wildlife.

The pond renovation designs were undertaken using 3D modelling so that the cut and fill could be balanced and the client could see what the completed pond would look like within the context of the estate overlooked by the main house.

In the detailed designs of  the pond is intended to use natural clay to seal the pond and therefore avoid any future problems with leaking liners and safety ledge is built into the new design with a top up pipe from the mains should ensure a constant water level throughout the summer months.


We also provided a 3D Flythrough of the proposed renovated pond for the client and we hope that the works can get underway soon, so that we can bring you the finished pictures.


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