Whitchurch Biogas

Green Tyger Design are advising our clients on the planting design for a new biogas plant on the outskirts of Whitchurch in Shropshire. We also provided a Photo Montage to show the location of proposed storage tanks adjacent the main by-pass road.

Within the site there were large anaerobic digester tanks and gas flues which could be seen when driving over the bridge on the Whitchurch by-pass.

Green Tyger Design therefore suggested that planting could be undertaken in an adjacent field outside of the site and this was agreed with a local farmer.


A first phase of planting was carried out using large nursery stock directly in a line between the bridge and the site. The planting was purchased from Blakedown Nurseries and planted by the workers on site with help from some of the larger excavator operators by working into the night.


The client also needed a Photo Realistic Montage to demonstrate how some newly proposed digester storage tanks would look from the roadside. To do this a panoramic photograph of the location of the proposed tanks was taken from the roadside and then we used our 3D modelling expertise to accurately locate the tanks within the site, using reference points along the road and were then able to show how the view would change with the tanks in place, set 2m below the existing surface. Following this the planners were able to approve this variation and the plant is now operational.

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