Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments (LVIA)

All Aspects of Visual Impacts on The Landscape and Amenity Use

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments are usually detailed reports prepared in response to a requirement for a planning application for larger-scale developments and is standard practice for landscape architects, however, we use the latest technology to ensure you have the best chance of gaining planning consent, whilst remaining professional and impartial in our report writing.

To do this our large scale 3d models can map out and illustrate the Zone of 'Theoretical' Visual Influence also known as ZVIs or ZTVs for any development. By mapping the areas which can see the existing site before development and those which can see the site after development, we can objectively demonstrate the changes both in magnitude and extent of the potential visual impact.

Whether it is a change of ground level, raising a stockpile or a new building development we can assess the visual impact within the surrounding area and can back this up with Accurate Visual Representations AVRs which can help the Planning Authority to understand for themselves the potential changes in the views brought about by the development.

By preparing these detailed models and researching the existing landscape character, we can prepare the landscape design to mitigate any significant residual visual impacts and therefore avoid any reasonable objection on these grounds by the Planning Authority.





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