Chartered Landscape Architects and Golf Course Designers

Green Tyger Design are professional chartered landscape architects and golf course designers with a growing international portfolio of projects.

Please view our range of projects, which include landscape planting design for business parks, design layouts and land use planning for housing developments, landscape and visual impact assessments, solar and wind farms, quarry restoration design, holiday parks, sports grounds and golf courses. 

  • Landscape Masterplans
  • Planting Design
  • Hard Landscape Design
  • Quarry Design 
  • Landscape Visual Impact Studies
  • Housing Developments
  • Business Parks 
  • Business Premises
  • 3D Landscape Models
  • Holiday Parks
  • Solar and Wind Farms
  • Sports fields
  • Golf Course Design
  • Golf Range Design

Specialising in commercial landscape design projects as Chartered Landscape Architects, we take our clients step by step through the planning process from initial concept designs to detailed landscape construction plans. We can undertake Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments using the latest Zones of Visual Influence analysis to show the visual impact of any new structure in the landscape.

Using 3d computer models to create accurate models of buildings or structures, this allow the clients, planners and the public to visualize the landscape plans, helping to fast-track the planning process, saving time and money and giving the best chance of a successful application.

To discuss any projects which you may be considering, please call us on tel. 01788 551103 or email and we can visit your site and advise on the best way forward and as members of the Landscape Institute UK you can be assured of a professional service at all times.