Landscape Design Services

Planting Design Services

From the design of large gardens to the strategic planting design of a new business park we can prepare planting designs to suit any development and budget. Our services include the selection of plants from the nursery to assure that the best quality plants are obtained for the best price, overseeing and checking the planting by the landscape contractor to ensure best horticultural practice are followed. We undertake planting defects checks to identify plants which need replacing.

We have experience of planting design in both temperate Northern Europe and also tropical planting design from our experience in Africa.

Hard Landscape Design

We will help you select the best materials for the project while using our design experience to create beautiful outdoor spaces. We design paving and hard surfaces throughout the scheme, cycle paths, retaining walls, play areas, water features and artistic installations, drainage, car parking and select the best outdoor furnishings to complete the clients vision.

Where possible we use environmentally sustainable materials in all of our designs, making use of the latest technology to create cutting edge landscape designs.

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