Topgolf Driving Range at Watford

A REVOLUTIONARY CONCEPT IN GOLF DRIVING RANGE DESIGN Topgolf is really the new way to play and practice golf. The whole concept is to have fun for all of the family to enjoy.

The breakthrough which makes this possible is the placement of a microchip inside the golf ball to when it is scanned entering one of the target greens, a score can be given, depending upon the distance and proximity to the centre of the target. The concept was to create a more family orientated golf experience similar to that of bowling alleys where each bay is for several players and individual scores appear on the screen. The targets were set within a full size artificial turf golf outfield in order that few golf balls would be lost by plugging and the whole area is surrounded with high ball stop netting.

The range has been so successful that there are already several new ranges around the world.

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