Visual Analysis of Stockpiles

Green Tyger Design Ltd were instructed by Ballast Phoenix Ltd to provide an assessment and evidence of the magnitude of the potential visual impact on the surrounding valley to extend the throughput of the incinerator bottom ash recycling facility at the Sheffield Site which would result in increasing the stockpiles heights from 6m to 8m

To compare the visual impact of the stockpiles at 6m and 8m a ZTV Analysis was undertaken whereby the surrounding valley was modelled in 3D and then a Zones of Theoretical Visual Influence map created based on how visible the stockpiles would be at 6m versus 8m.


This ZTV map highlighted where potential visual receptor were located such as houses, Public Rghts of Way and recreational areas and photographs were taken from these positions aswell as model views which could then directly compare the stockpile heights.

 By producing a detailed report with a series of visual maps and 3d model views the Local Planning Authority were able to grant the amendment to the current planning consent and allowed Ballast Phoenix to increase throughput from 135,000 to 200,000 tonnes of IBA per year.

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